Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Caleb has REALLY been dancing lately. He dances all day long and it makes him so happy. We went to Baytowne with some friends on Sunday afternoon, and I got a quick clip of his moves. He loved all the people, the dogs, the music and being outside. He would have stayed all day!
Caleb, Ashley, Sawyer, Eli and I went to Hartselle last week to celebrate my daddy's birthday. We spent the night at Ashley's house (a.k.a. toyland) on Monday. Caleb gets SO EXCITED to be around his cousins. It's sweet. Sawyer took him for a ride They played in their house had a snack and made Valentines with Eli
I didn't get any pictures from the birthday party, but my mom cooked a big meal and the Braddock girls were there. It was a good time.
We met Katie and Caroline at Cook's Museum the next morning. It turned out to be a great idea for a cold Wednesday morning. Ashley (a former Cook's museum employee :)) gave us the tour...
They really liked all the (dead) animals

and then it turned into a photo shoot

We had a great trip and were even able to enjoy a little bit of this on the way home.