Friday, November 20, 2009

Last weekend we went here with these sweet folks
while this precious family took good care of our little guy...
Thanks so much Nana & Poppy for our fun weekend and to Aunt Jen, Uncle Ron, H.B. and Carson taking such good care of Caleb!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Catch Up

We've been having a great few weeks, but I didn't want to post earlier without pictures so here is the long recap... Eli's Birthday party was a hit!! My mom has always made a REALLY BIG DEAL out of birthdays and it seems Ashley got the gene! She is 100% school teacher and did not miss a detail of sweet Eli's birthday! I think everyone had a great time. He had a barnyard theme. She served pigs in a blanket, haystacks, animal crackers and the cutest cow cake I've ever seen! She even MADE a bean bag toss. She had lots of games to keep everyone entertained - I was WAY IMPRESSED - can you tell?? She strives to make everything special for her kids in lots of ways (not just their birthdays). I admire that and hope to do the same. Maybe Eli didn't appreciate all that his mama was doing for him, but Sawyer sure did! I spent the week before the party with them and Sawyer loved gettng ready for Eli's party :)! On Tuesday, October 26 Caleb started walking! He was taking steps between the two of us and decided there was a lot more he'd like to check out and just walked off. I managed to get some of his first steps on video...

He has walking down now and walks everywhere. He is really getting more fun every day! You can tell by the drool on his face/chest/everywhere in the video that he has also been cutting teeth - whew! Teething has been wearing us all out! He got 4 teeth in 2 weeks.

Caleb wasn't feeling very well on Halloween (that dang teething got him again that night). I went to put his costume on him and it was too small! I thought I'd try and get one picture, but he was was not thrilled.
We did manage to make it to the Peanut Festival that night with Nana & Poppy. It was cold so we bundled up...

He got a second haircut, too. It's much shorter. The sweet lady who cut it was having fun playing dress up and decided to give him a spike. Before and after pictures...

We went to Auburn last weekend for homecoming. Wes's good friend, Justin, is getting married and we went to a tailgate shower for them. The weather could not have been better and Ashley & Eli decided to join us. We didn't make it to the ballgame because we were perfectly content playing on the grass in front of the library. I would say Cabub and Eli's first Auburn exerience was definitely positive :)!!

Wes has taught Caleb to make a 'mean face'. This is it in action. He wrinkles his nose and huffs and puffs pretty strong. He does it all the time -
And I might as well show you just 2 more since he was dressed up for church...

Okay - That's it. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Pictures

Sorry that it's been awhile. I haven't disappeared. I'm just way behind. I left the cord for my camera at Ashley's a couple of weeks ago, and I don't like to update without pictures. I hope to be back shortly with some of the 150 pictures on my camera (it's been a big few weeks around here). In the meantime, I got Caleb's pictures made if you want to check them out here. Click on Clients and enter the password Caleb.