Monday, July 26, 2010

We've really been enoying summer around here. A recap... Fourth of July (also Wes's birthday) was great. Well, church was great anyway. The rest of the actual day was pretty good- we enjoyed being together. Wes's company closes down the week of the 4th for vacation and it was WONDERFUL to be at home and have him here for the entire week. He works A LOT of hours the rest of the year, and I REALLY enjoyed just hanging out. It makes me remember how much I really like spending time with him and how easy he is to be with (even if it rains and we miss the fireworks on his birthday). We went out on the boat, went to a bounce house place, did the bouncey stuff and the carousel at Pier Park and went to the pool. These two precious friends came for dinner one night. Aren't they sweet?

While they were here, Erika took pictures of Caleb for me -

Caleb and Sloane were sweet playing together. Erika is easy to be with, too and we ended the night with a dance party in the living room :) This little girl is a DOLL and I LOVE HER!!
Caleb lounging at the pool

The end of the week was spent in Dothan for Harrison's birthday party. It was really fun and a cute party, but somehow I didn't get a picture of the birthday boy on my camera :(

Let's see... the next week Caleb and I rode with the Williams to Hartselle. It was a quick trip, but we got to go to Pt. Mallard one day, fishing with Grandaddy, meet our new friend Samantha Weinman and see the progress on Katie and Scott's beautiful new house.

Turner (Bo & Kim Weinman's little boy), Eli, Sawyer & Caleb

We've also spent a bit of time at hospitals lately. Wes's Grandmother Harper has been in the hospital for almost three weeks with an infection on her brain. She is doing a little better, but still has a LONG road to recovery. She is a PRECIOUS woman who is loved a whole lot and remains in ICU so any and all prayers for her are sincerely appreciated. While we've been in Dothan, Caleb gets to see the two things he talks about most often- Poppy and Pedro (well besides his daddy). This is Caleb with Poppy...

and here he is feeding Pedro...

He loves his Nana, too and the blueberries they have had this summer
and I had to show the peaches because I have really enjoyed them :).

On July 15th my good friend Lindsey (who we hang out with most days) had a new baby. This is Lindsey with Tripp who is a couple of months older than Caleb. Baby Beau was born healthy, but Lindsey had placenta precreta, and it was a really scary situation. She had emergency surgery and had to be given 11 units of blood that day. She is now recovering at home and doing great - Praise the Lord! Whew! That was a day!!

Two of my best friends from high school were in town this week. We went to dinner on Monday night. It was wonderful to catch up!
Jana (on the left) lives in Hartselle so I get to see her when I go home, but Alisha (in the middle)lives in California now and it had been four years since I had seen her last. Alisha, Ashley and I were best friends since kindgergarten, and we picked up like we hadn't missed a day. I love being with them. They are some of the sweetest people I know.

Ashley's crew was in town this weekend with Walker's family. I'm sure glad they picked PCB as their vacation destination and then let us hang out.

I went to the doctor today for a checkup and ultrasound. They couldn't see the baby's heart last time but told me today everything looks good, and I am very thankful the x-ray tech. was able to check 'normal' on everything. She told me he has my exact chin. What do you think :)?