Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week Recap

I mentioned before that my mom is retiring this year. Well, Monday morning Ashley and I loaded up our boys in her backseat for another trip to Hartselle for my mom's retirement tea. It's a challenge to try to leave when Eli and Caleb will both take a nap and keep Sawyer happy. We did pretty well and made it in time for the celebration with no major problems. It was a really nice party. Here's a picture of the whole group (minus Eli who was sleeping)

She has been the school librarian at Somerville Road Elementary for 20 years. I asked her to pose behind the computer and act like she was checking out books. This is what she did...

"You better give me my book you little kid!"

She was kidding (sort of). I think this is more like it.
After the tea, mama had packed a picnic for us to go to the park. Decatur has concerts in the park on Monday nights in the summer. It was unseasonably cool that night, but it didn't matter. It is so pretty out there...

The next day these little rascals played in the water hose (that's Shelby with Sawyer)
and this little guy just watched Wes has been working A LOT this week with late nights so after our Hartselle trip Caleb and I decided we would spend a couple more days with the Williams. Ashley and I dressed our play pretties up and took their picture (I know you're surprised)

We had such a great week and are thankful to be home for the long weekend. Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I LOVE spring and summer! I love to be in the sunshine and I love to go to the pool - always have. It's great to live at the beach this time of year for a lot of reasons but most of all because people will come visit us. Today has been about the perfect day because the Williams (minus Walker) joined us!! I love these three more than I could ever explain!

I made a banana pudding this afternoon. I usually don't post recipes, but I always enjoy it when other people do. So I thought someone might enjoy a new recipe (especially after Darby and Erika have recently posted about fudge pie. I've been good friends with those girls for a long time now, and I didn't realize I was holding back telling them about fudge pie (one of Betty Brown's staples)) so here's an EASY recipe for banana pudding that's always a crowd pleaser...

2 packages vanilla pudding
1 can Eagle Brand Milk (I use the fat free - it works fine)
1 package cool whip
1 package vanilla wafers

Make pudding as directed. Then, combine pudding with cool whip, Eagle Brand milk, wafers and bananas. Make one day ahead for best results. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We spent the weekend back and forth between Enterprise and Dothan. Heather, Wes's cousin, is expecting a baby in July and we helped give her a shower at Ms. Linda's on Saturday morning. You'll remember her from a previous post here. Heather is the most GENEROUS person I've ever met. She got some really cute stuff and it was nice to do for her although she still managed to bring us gifts, provide the napkins, plates, punch and serving trays for HER OWN shower. I mailed the invitations, but instead of her sending me a list of people to invite she sent the addressed labels so all I had to do was peel and stick. PLUS she brought Caleb a new swimsuit. She's unbelievable! We can't wait to meet little Harris! He will be a very well taken care of and loved little boy!

We were back and forth because precious Eli was dedicated on Sunday morning. Ashley cooked a BIG meal for Walker's family, Mama and Daddy and us, and we were able to celebrate Mother's Day together! The food and fellowship were wonderful!! It was a really great weekend! I didn't get a picture of Eli this weekend, but I thought this one was cute. I love that little dollface!! He is a HAPPY kid and smiles all the time!

Sawyer playing with 'Cabub'

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mama!! She's about to retire after many, many years of teaching school. (My dad has been retired since we were sophomores at Auburn, but mama took 10 years to stay at home with us. Now she gets up and goes to work everyday while he takes it easy. She's going to be able to take it easy VERY soon - I think it's about 12 days or so. Maybe she'll choose to take it easy at the beach.) We sure do appreciate you!! I love you so much!
(The picture below is the most recent I could find. Ashley was about to POP and I was pretty far along myself. We obviously need to take more pictures if this is the best I can come up with)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For Our Families

Don't let me bore you! We took Caleb swimming on Sunday afternoon, and you've ALREADY SEEN pictures of him swimming this week, but I knew our families would want to see more so this is for them...

All that swimming will wear you out!