Friday, April 30, 2010


I get behind on blogging and then I don't ever want to catch up so here is a spring-so-far recap, and hopefully I'll be a better blogger :)

Easter weekend was great. We celebrated our Lord's resurrection in Dothan with Wes's family. We took Caleb to an Easter egg drop on Saturday. Heather and Harrison went with us. The little guys didn't last long enough to be there for the egg drop, but they were very entertained by all the people, the puppets and the music.
Here are some pictures of the cousins checking things out and from Easter Sunday...

We've been enjoying the pretty weather and have been to the beach and the pool several days. Caleb LOVES the dirt and the water, and I spend a lot of my time looking at this face asking to turn the water on. How can I resist?

We have been outside almost all day everyday. We have one patch in our front yard that doesn't have grass, just dirt, and it's his favorite spot. He is a mess.

We also went to Mexico Beach for a weekend for the C. W. Roberts golf tournament. It was my favorite year yet, but I didn't take a single picture :(. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to have a little vacation.

Last week, Caleb and I went to Ashley's for a 24 hour visit, and we picked strawberries last Friday morning before coming home. We all loved it.

Caleb might have loved it the most and ended up looking like this by the time we were finished. Hello country bumpkin! He is A MESS, I'm telling you! We went to Dothan because Wes had a doctor's appointment in Dothan . We found out he will have his tonsils removed June 30th. I hate that he has to go through that, but he really thinks it will be worth it. That's the recap for now. Have a great weekend!