Sunday, June 27, 2010

18 Months Old

Caleb turned 18 months old last Monday (6/19) and I wanted to be sure to record what he is up to right now. He is such a blessing and we are so thankful for him!!
1. He has LOTS of words. Some of his favorites are duck-duck, pop-pop, bath, BALL!, blocks, BUBBLES, I don't know (as in Caleb, where is your other shoe? He has a hard time keeping them both on - "I don't know"), Thank you, UP (I want to get up from this high chair, put me up on your bed, etc.), Da-dy, Maaaaaaaaaaaama, Amen (he bows his head and says it every time he sits down to eat), Hi, bye bye, Saw-ya, Nana, Ashee, juice, Aubie, Hooray, Hooray, Hooray, Car (he calls outside car now for some reason), Jump, Happy-Happy-Happy, Pool, I wuv you, ELMO!
2. He still likes to eat and is not picky about what you give him, but his favorites are fruit (blueberries, cantelope, strawberries, bananas), Goldfish a.k.a crackas, Spaghetti and Capri Suns. (This is a treat that he gets at the pool, but he can drink one in about 3 seconds.)
3. He is SUCH a happy/smiley kid and is really tickleish. He can't stop his laughter sometimes, and I think that is the BEST!
4. He wakes up in the morning, calls for Maaaaaaaaama (or Da-dy), when I go in there he is standing up smiling, hands me his duck and his blanket and then starts swaying back and forth to the music on his aquarium toy in his crib.
5. He will still give us 'sugar' right on the lips and has learned to give tight hugs.
6. He's an explorer/wanderer. We go to a pool almost every morning and he likes the water, but he also likes checking EVERYTHING out. One of my friends says, "Caleb is in the weeds again." He is fascinated by the gate, the chairs, everything!
7. He is CRAZY about his da-dy!! This is an understatement and the feeling is mutual! Wes plays with him, tickles him, teases him, reads to him... As soon as gets home until Caleb goes to bed, and Caleb thinks he is the best! It's really sweet. It's also sweet that when he gets hurt, needs something to eat, is tired, wants to snuggle he prefers me :)!

We should find out what the new baby is TOMORROW MORNING!! Be back soon!

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Ashley said...

I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!!! I LOVE THAT DOLL FACE-happy, happy, happy kid! :) SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED about tomorrow too! C-man is going to be a fabulous big brother! He's got sweet genes for sure from his mama's side of the familia! :) So glad you wrote this!